Room to rent in Kubang Kerian Kelantan. This is from a five bedroom bungalow located in Kubang Kerian, close to Hospital University Sains Malaysia (HUSM) and nearby min homestay. This is a fully furnished property where you can share all facilities in this property. Facilities provided are kitchen, television, washing machine, etc. Rate from RM100 per person. mailto:


  1. says

    no phone number means that no more availability
    but you still can contact them via email stated and negotiate with them ~ maybe they can help you

  2. ihab says

    hi i am new student at usm health campus searching for a room no sharing -how far is it from the campus what are the facilities , is it furnished , is there internet access whats the monthly coast?????????

  3. says

    it is a sharing room and only for female..
    not have availability, could u give me your contact number by email then i can call u if i get one for you

    also inform me your budget
    hope i can help you

  4. BaRiaH says

    ada lagi tak bilik utk disewa?
    saya nak yang dekat ngan HUSM
    sebab saya akan buat praktikal kat sana Januari nnti
    tolong carikan ye


  5. says

    we are not providing that kind of service. if you want then we can provide that service with some cost apply.

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