Restaurant in Kelantan : Syam Restaurant

In Malaysia, the phrase “have you eaten?” is the more likely. It’s more of like a courtesy and sharing of one common interest. One Malaysia say you. To celebrate 2 external examiners who came all the way from NUS and UM, the department has decided to try out Syam’s Restoran. It is promoting itself as a Thai and Chinese Steamboat food. Pretty decent really.


Some other food joints or restaurants of this genre that one might be familiar in Kota Bharu would be Four Seasons, Sri Chiang Mai and New Horizon. At the mention of Syam’s Restaurant, it sounded unfamiliar and this would be a good opportunity to explore new place. In Kota Bharu, siamese-like food are commonly found due to its proximity to Thailand.

Location: Jalan Hospital, in Berek Dua Belas (12)

Food type: Chinese style with steamboat.

Poshness: 6/10

Pro: In the middle of KB, clean place, clean food, affordable fo the middle class, good ambience for a family dinner, not too noisy, safe, Graded A by the local council.


Can be improved: more parking space.

There is nothing special about the food really. Probably so for Asians. For this first visit, there was no particular dish of interest that yearns a person to dine again in this place. Probably the Tom Yam is a potential candidate.

All in all, the place was satisfactory, nothing much to complaint about if one is not so particular about its poshness and at the same time having a nice proper meal in a clean and safe environment with friends and families.

Reviewed by: Helmy Hazmi (a freelance wedding photographer +6019-8787234)





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