Now I can download from google book

heh! Just want to share how to download an ebook from google book for free. of coz free because google didnt charge for it. :-)

This is an alternative for using leechvideo.

I know about this from one of my friend. First of all, you should know that google book is in .png format. That’s mean it is an image. So how to download the book that you want to read without need to bookmark it?

  • Clear your temporary files in your PC (I uses C Cleaner)
  • Open Internet Explorer (I tried with Firefox and Chrome ~ useless)
  • Then go to google book and search for book that you want
  • After the loading is finished, go back to your temporary files in your computer
  • You can see that there are .png files in the temporary files. That png is the image of the book.
  • Now you can print and read them.
Now I have part of Effective Guesthouse Management on my hand!

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