Edlee Fried Chicken: Cheaper price. Local taste.

If you are in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. then I guess you already know about Edlee Fried Chicken. Last Sunday evening, I met the owner of Edlee Fried Chicken, Mr Mohd Edlee bin Ismail.

Talked to him for about one and half hour at Edlee Fried Chicken at Jalan Pekeliling gave me a lot of information on how he manage his business. A 39 years old entreprenuer with his own business vision.
What surprising me is that his business is not financed by any bank institutions. No long term liability. Most of the profit will be used to plough back to his business for the purpose of expanding it. That nice!

Officially, Edlee Fried Chicken was started since 2003 is registered as Edlee Food Services. Now Edlee Fried Chicken has six branches all around Kelantan (at Jalan Pekeliling, at Taman Indra Petra, at Tanjong Chat, at Wakaf Che Yeh, nearby Bilal Supermarket, and nearby Perodua Tunjong). All the kiosks are in Kota Bharu and will be expanded in other regions in the near future, and will be a franchais company soon. Insha-Allah.

Initially, Edlee Fried Chicken was sold in the night market around Kota Bharu then after the business grow up, he set up a kiosk. The menu include of mashed potato, coleslaw, mushroom soup, french fries, and variety of drinks and also accept reservations. I still remember when I was in secondary school (about 5 years ago) I bought Edlee Fried Chicken at night market in Berek 12. The fried chicken price during that time was RM1.20 each and as time goes (due to inflation and time value of money), the price now is at RM1.80 each.

See how Mr Edlee promote his business or his brand? The van with his business logo, the plastic bags, the cups, the paper bags and so on and so forth. This is how he promote his business. If you are in marketing then you should know how effective this marketing strategy for a business.

In term of competition with new entrants, I think Edlee Fried Chicken can face it. As we can see many new entrants entered Kelantan a few years ago but only some of them can survive.

Heh! Local people said that the taste is more or less the same as Kentucky Fried Chicken :-) But the difference is the frying method, KFC uses pressure cooker whereas Edlee uses dry cooker. The sos, Life .

Oh ya, if you want to make reservation, you may contact Edlee at 609-7738352 or  6013-9833882. Business hour starts from 4:00 pm until 12:00 am.

Anyway, I prefer Edlee Fried Chicken rather than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Cheaper price. Local taste. No service tax and no sales tax charged.


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