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Incorporated on 7 April 2009 as Kelantan Trade Centre Convention and Apartment Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Kelkon Sdn Bhd, R-Rehal Resources Sdn Bhd and Prokel Management Sdn Bhd. Thus Kelantan Trade Centre Convention and Apartment Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of Kelantan State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC)

The core business of Kelantan Trade Centre is to provide hospitality services includes of hotel apartment, convention and exhibition hall and aim to be the preferred venue for both local and international event.

Kelantan Trade Centre consist of:

  • 1 Block 8 Storey Office Tower ( 7 Storey Office Space + 2 Storey Retail )
  • 1 Block 18 Storey Apartment Tower (255 Units Service Apartment + 4 Unit Penthouse )
  • 1 Convention Centre
  • Office and Retail
  • Apartment
  • Bistro / Cafe
  • Conference hall

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The hotel apartment at Kelantan trade Center is named as C Chantique Villa equipped with standard in room amenities to ensure customers satisfaction.

For full board seminar package , the rate is starting from RM135 per person. The main ballroom or the main convention hall can comprise of 2000 persons at one time and the exhibition hall can accommodate up to 60 booth. Nah! The building is ready to occupy. The location is strategic and located in an exclusive area in Kota Bharu..and perhaps no problem with parking space as we can also park our car nearby the Stadium Sultan Mohamad IV.
Someone did asked me where is the dome which should be on the top of the office tower? Where is it ha?
PS: I was there for audit work when the building is under construction..for stock take purpose :-)
For reservation call +6097471222


  1. KTC says

    KTC nih cantik tapi penuh misteri ..

    Bangunan ni siap ke tak siap ?

    Mana lagi dua kubahnya ? Apa dah jadi ?

    Mcm terbengkalai jer ..

    Dan pulak tuh, apsal finishing dalamannya tak kemas ? Comot dan nampak terbukak sana sini ..

    I am not referring to the conference hall, entrance and other front line façades but the hidden corridors, particularly the ones on both sides of the hall …

    People needs answer .. especially the Kubah part ..

  2. budak kelate says

    1. torbeliok la mato nok baco website KTC
    ni…acu tuka gak….wak payoh ore nok baco
    2. customer service tok bagus la sayo dapat
    daripada sore staf KTC hok kurus2, kulit ite,
    tinggi2, jate, ado walkie talkie semasa saya
    mengunjung KTC pada 3/11/2009 pukul
    pagi…harap dapat dinasihati la betul2


  3. says

    PA system kat Convention Hall yang plg canggih kat Kelantan.Sesiapa nak buat big event memang elok sangat.Sales person pun ramah & negotiable.

  4. Moulder says

    Hope to see a bright future! Manage properly the value of property will increase!

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