Tip on Petronas Structured Interview

One of my friend went to her interview at Petronas on 6th February. So, she share her tips and I think it will be useful for those who may be called by Petronas for an interview.

My session started at 9 a.m, so I have to be there at 8 a.m. The interview was divided into 4 parts:


  • Ice breaking : as usual, just tell your name, background, education blabla but remember where you are at that time. You are in front of people who might be your seniors, so just tell information that related to job application.
  • Case study : A case study about any topic will be given to every candidates and you are given 20 minutes to solve the case. P/s: If you don’t know to answer the case study.. don’t worry, just give reasons because the interviewers just want to see how you give reasons to certain cases.
  • Role Play : Candidates will be given another case study and a role play. For example, you are a plant manager, and your plant is having a hard time in terms of safety, finance and maintaining the plant. bla bla bla. If one day there is a buyer want to buy your product, what is your decision? To sell or not to sell? *But always remember, in Petronas whatever questions given, Safety always comes first! That’s because human capitals are their most valuable assets that they have to take care of.
  • Last session, it’s just that the interviewers asking you questions and you answer it based on your knowledge and background..just answer anything that you know. SIMPLE!

In my opinion, just be prepared in your ENGLISH! Very important. If yours is so good then it should be no problem at all. If you are stuck in the middle of the interview, at least taram je.

Do pray a lot so that you will get an easy case study.

PS: Thanks for Munee for her interview tips!

UPDATE: My friend, Munee is currently working at Petronas!


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