KB Sentral and Tune Hotel


kb sentral

kb sentral

As I did mentioned earlier, I found an under construction website which I guess it is the KB Sentral website. Yes, it is KB Sentral website. Not that much content. Not many pages. What you can see on KB Sentral website at this moment is  only its building. Tune Hotel come with its own design or trademark. If you need more information you may contact the developer or go to the site area.  Its webmaster is really busy..

On the left, I guess it will be the apartment units and the front side is the shop lot area.

Islamic design is still there but I can see something wrong with that building. I don’t  know whether I am right or wrong but I could not see any dome. Is the rule changed?

Credited from KB Sentral website, posted here the architect illustrations of Tune Hotel and KB Sentral. See, Tune Hotel is more attractive and handsome as compared to the apartment and shop lot.


  1. mai says

    I went through the web but I could not open up the menu which was posted. So hope someone could help up with the web please. I am interested of knowing the design, plan and the price offer.

    Yhank you

  2. says

    I have no idea what their webmaster is doing now.. there is no update until now. all info, you may request directly from them

  3. roslan says

    i have booked a unit (corner lot with 2 bed rooms, 2 toilets and 2 parking lot)- 10th floor. I wud like to let go for those seriously interested.


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