Nokia E72 or A Blackberry or Xperia?

My elder sister asked me to survey for a new handphone or PDA for her. With a budget less than RM1200, I don’t know which one is the best for her. When I asked on Facebook status, some people recommended Nokia E72. I never used Nokia before this, so I have no experience on Nokia. Honestly, I am looking for a Sony Ericsson because my current handphone, Sony Ericsson K800i is still in good performance since I use it about three years ago. And for me, soon I will buy myself an Xperia X2 to replace my K800i.


Nobody at my Facebook recommended a Sony Ericsson. So now I am looking for a Nokia E72. But a Blackberry also catch my eyes. Eh,she is a teacher and a mother..maybe she don’t need a Blackberry..

Nokia E72 comes with 5 mega pixel camera and have a great design, maybe suitable to snap her newborn baby. Design is not important, I am looking for its function. Google and Google again..then make comparison with other similar handphone from other manufacturers before decide to buy.

And.. Soon she will ask me to survey for her a good camcorder hd.


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