Your bag is your life – backpackers

  1. Your bag is your life. Small bags are less noticeable, so you may feel less vulnerable. The closer you can stick to it, the happier you will be.
  2. A bulky, full bag has less space for souvenirs and a nightmare to lug around when on motorcycles, taxis or rickshaws. You also need to check-in the bag.
  3. The thought of wearing the same thing day in, day out, may seem terrible now, but it gets easy with the right clothes. There’s no need to take too many pieces as they can be easily washed and dried overnight.
  4. You may need to walk with your backpack across town or from hotel to hotel in undesirable weather. A small bag lets you jump into a taxi or rickshaw with ease (without having to separate yourself from it). In addition, leaving your pack in a locker can be a problem if it’s huge.
  5. Carrying a large, heavy bag onto a bus can become a problem if the bus is crowded. You may get separated from it if it gets loaded onto the roof or stored in the luggage compartment.
  6. A full bag makes it difficult to get to things without taking other stuff out. This means you may not use what’s at the bottom because it’s easier to wear what you had on yesterday or what’s on top.
  7. In some regions, you may have to pay a surcharge or buy an extra ticket for a large bag. The same can be said for some metro or underground or tram systems.
  8. It will be uncomfortable moving from town to town (short hops) and not easy to jump on and off buses and taxis. Not to mention that an oversized bag doesn’t exactly make you feel confident by sticking out.
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  10. A small bag makes it easier to travel from one spot to another with a quick stop in between, saving you time, money and hassle.
  11. Quite simply, you’ll spend a good deal of time on the road thinking, “If I had a huge pack like that girl or guy, I won’t be able to do this”. You may need some bulky items, but there’s no need to lug around a 60kg bag — not unless you’re camping!

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