Forex broker yang terima PayPal

Memandangkan ada orang cari”forex broker terima PayPal” di Awstat blog ini, maka post ini ditulis. Disenaraikan dibawah ni beberapa forex broker yang terima PayPal untuk urusannya (samada untuk deposit, atau withdrawal atau kedua-duanya).

Hari ni, 19 April 2010. Gbp-Usd ada gap semasa market buka pagi tadi dan gap tu belum ditutup. Eur-Jpy dan Eur-Usd pun ada gap juga, tapi nampaknya gap tu dah closed. So I am looking for the entry especially for Gbp-Usd. Last week, there is a divergence on one hour timeframe, and no new divergence exist at this moment. Wait and see for daily chart, at this moment the Awesome Oscillator is red on my chart and if valid means we might see a bearish divergence..means a big bear. Until then my outlook for Gbp-Usd remains bearish and the current trend will continue. Happy Monday, Happy trading.

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