EUR JPY 13/7/2010

I spot a divergence on 30 minutes timeframe at EUR JPY, helped by oversold stochastic. Want to buy? I believe, as well as GBP JPY, EUR JPY is also on uptrend mood. Red channel on that chart show that so. I do hope we are all green today.

Update: We should get at least 80 pips from Eur Jpy, the trend is still there, I believe  it is heading to 112. 50.


  1. Used to play forex and lost around RM 2000 in like 2 weeks? Didn’t what i was doing lastime but nonetheless i took it as a lesson and have decided not to invest in forex again. ^^

  2. atoqa says:

    i dont know how u trade, but most of the time… using this trading method it give me profit

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