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I was on Facebook since 2006. Hoo.. it has been a long time ago, right? During that time, none of my friend using Facebook as most of them are Friendster addictive. And, nowadays I am a bit addictive to Twitter. Am I late at Twitter? Not that late coz I also on Twitter since 2007 but just now, I  want to be active at Twitter.

My Facebook previously is for personal. I use it to communicate with my friends but lately, it become money making matter where I can make money from Facebook. You too can make money from Facebook, but I am not talking about money game at  Facebook.

So, this morning, I added Twitter tab to my Facebook Profile and some other Facebook pages that I have.

If you also want to link your Twitter to your Facebook profile or pages, Tabfusion provide it for you with other applications such as Flickr, Blog, Youtube and etc.



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