Nuffnang and Glitterati: Symbol of fear

Initially this blog serve Nuffnang. After a while, it has meet the minimum requirement to apply for premium advertising network, Innity. I have a few blogs serving Nuffnang and only two serving Innity.


Innity pay me good. What can I say, from advertising alone is enough to support my bills. With Innity, nothing to worry because as long as you meet the criteria then you can start making money on internet.

But with Nuffnang, quite difficult for bloggers especially newbie to make money. Nuffnang divided publishers into two. Ordinary members and Glitterati members. With status as Glitterati members, you can get more return. But there are certain requirement that enable you to maintain that membership status. The one main important requirement is not to serve any South East Asia advertisement such as from Innity, Adverlets, and even Youthsays. Then sure, bloggers will stick on Nuffnang to maintain Glitterati status.


Nuffnang crawlers is so clever. Even a small SEA ads it can detect.

Oh, come on Nuffnang.. why you are so frighten with your competitors? Are you trying to tell bloggers that you are so afraid with competitors and not able to be in keen competition? Jengg


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