Instaforex Mobile Web

I received an email from one of my forex broker, Instaforex this morning. With Iphone shown in the email, I thought that Instaforex now have Iphone application for their client. 😉 But, after finished the reading.. I was wrong lol.

Instaforex only launch its mobile web, not an Iphone application. Uff. Here is the link for those who want to access Instaforex via mobile phone.

Major sections of website:

  • About Us
  • For Traders
  • Contests
  • For partners
  • PAMM-System
  • Contacts

See.. Instaforex is not yet having its Iphone application for their 200,000 active client.

PS: Forexyard have application for Iphone and Ipad :-)


  1. Kentharea says

    This is a great idea. Instaforex is a leading broker. I will visit their official website now to download this application. It will help me to monitor my trades.

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