Alert for tomorrow. So many RED.

Hah, not that interesting to me. As you know, my trading is totally based on technical analysis.. so tomorrow will be quite difficult to trade unless I already have a post with green stop loss. At this moment, I already short EURJPY and EURUSD.


As I said yesterday, EURUSD is hitting its upper daily channel and I expect there must be some retracement. When I write this post, my short EURUSD at 1.3796 is with 10 pips profit , and EURJPY entry made at 114.97 and now with 12 pips profits.

What to expect for tomorrow. So many RED uh? 😉 Well..  I will pay more attention for US Dollar, Japanese Yen, and Great Britain Pound.

For tomorrow, I expect there will be again, Japan intervention that will result to weaken Yen. As we know, stronger Yen will harm Japan.

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