TM Blockbuster Deals at RM110 for 1mbps

I believe, many of us noticed about this latest promo by Telekom Malaysia (TM). Always on air especially during Buletin Utama. I don’t know why, I am not interested to this package even TM gives free call to TM Fixed Line nationwide.

This package tied with 12 months contract, if you want to cancel or terminate means you have to pay RM600.

Free call to TM Fixed Line nationwide is great bonus by TM, but I rarely make phone call to fixed line. Most of the time, I can say almost all the calls are for mobile phones, and around +10 international calls per month. So, this bonus is not for me.


If you manage to make a lot of phone call to TM Fixed Line, then this package is good for you. Otherwise, if you are eligible for 1Malaysia package, just grab 1Malaysia package.

As compared to 1Malaysia package for 1mbps, you will have excess RM42 per month.

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