Free handphone by Happy, but I refused

I bought myself a prepaid Happy pack, just for running one of my handphone which has not been used since a few week ago. hehe

The above image is my new Happy simcard placed in my old handphone.

Actually I was looking for a Digi prepaid.. because I satisfy with Digi services. Currently I am using Digi Postpaid D50 package. The monthly bill is around RM80-RM120 per month.. a not so booming as compared to when I used Celcom Postpaid.

I still remember the normal rate when I used Celcom was at least Rm150.. seem Digi’s rate have a better deal isn’t?


Erm.. now Digi prepaid is not available here in Kota Bharu. But they have Happy. Am I happy using Happy? Maybe. You also will be happy if you use, especially if you get free handphone. Even a simple handphone. Who don’t want a free gift?


But, since I already have a few handphone, so I choose to buy the simcard only.

If you do not have any handphone, maybe you can consider this package by Happy. Buy a Happy simcard at RM100 and you will get RM100 free airtime. That RM100 airtime will be credited to your account every month, at RM10 within 10 months. And everymonth within 10 month, you must topup your account at least RM20.

This offer is only for Kelantan and Terengganu users :-) More info, you can visit Happy website.


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