RON 97 price up to RM2.15

My Facebookers friends did mentioned about this current increase on Ron97 on their status update.. If I am not mistaken.. I did not read any news about this.. or maybe I am a bit late about this news. Heh!

I believe, many of us didn’t aware about this.


The new price will be RM2.15, small increment, increased of 5 sen effective today.

RON 97 has not been subsidised by the government and since world oil prices have gone up, the petrol price gets adjusted,” Hashim Othman, president of the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, told Reuters.

The increase, which will not affect the more commonly used RON 95 fuel, is part of subsidy cuts that the government had earlier announced to rein in its budget deficit. — Reuters

All the cars at my house consume RON97. So, have to make more money isn’t?


As usual, whenever a price going up.. it must be retrace or reverse. And I believe, when the price retrace or reverse..the downfall will not be adjusted to Ron 97.



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