4G from Yes.my

A new player in broadband business in Malaysia is YTL, enter the market with its new broadband brand. YES. Ever heard about YES? If I am not mistaken, it is already advertise on TV.


YES offers 4G and they claim that YES is the fastest mobile internet with mobile, lowest rate for everything, good coverage. Yes, all other broadband providers such as Celcom and Maxis claimed that so but still they received a lot of complaints from their client. I do hope, YES can provide better mobile broadband service and users can have a good choice.

Currently Yes.my is giving something for participating universities. So if you are a student from participate universities, then you can apply for free 300mb per month and start using YES.my.

YES is from YTL, a well established company. So, maybe this new broadband services can give a good deal to maintain YTL’s good reputation.

I am still looking for more info about YES, especially either YES also have maximum volume like Celcom have 5gb every month, either the give free modem or not, how low is its lowest rate? Maybe I will only get the answer when YES launch its services on this coming November 19.



  1. torrentstorm says

    Sounds like another one of these Malaysian scams marketed as ‘broadband’. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to open their homepage several times, and no go. We already have had enough bad experiences with Maxis, Streamyx, and recently there was a scandal involving Wimax.
    Celcom has always been notoriously bad and slow. A few months ago I read in the Malay Mail how hundreds of users complained bitterly because Celcom was so overloaded that users were virtually locked out. Now we have ‘Yes’? Maybe we should start a new broadband called ‘No’.
    Right now I’m using Digi, not the best, but less problems by far.

  2. torrentstorm says

    Same ole shit, different day, as they say in Texas. Every time they start with something new, or begin with an innovation, it is so poorly prepared and implemented that makes even thinking of it useless. Included, of course, is the traditional poor customer support, or the lack thereof.
    Reminds me of that day a promo was announced for free Blackberry with a broadband subscription. By 11 a.m., people were being turned away empty-handed, because, oh! whaddya know, there were only 300 Blackberries available, and those were all gone! But nowhere was this explained or posted. People have to stop jumping onto every new bandwagon they roll out and not be so gullible.

    I’m sure Customer Service Director Chong would appreciate it.

  3. SN Yang says

    I am your Yes user with the phone no. 018-3049690. I want to have your customer service centre around Cheras area where I can solve my problem.. My device now can not be detected by my PC since I have used it for 2 days. My area’s coverage is only 1 bar or no bar at all. It is Cheras area, Jalan Jelawat 1, Cheras Flats area.

  4. ponss says

    i have been heard that celcom now upgrading their 3G at klang valley and selangor.the yes broadband is still new and the speed will be fast but went the user is rising it will be congested like the P1.for me i thing streamyx or unifi is better and stable but it cost u more money.

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