Trendline always the best money making tool


I am currently shorting EURUSD and GBPUSD. Let’s the chart speak itself, and this is what Nasir Kuasa Forex calls as Teknik Kampung for those who don’t know. Teknik kampung is actually all about trendline. Some newbie paid him for a few thousand for this simple yet free method. Hahaha

The above entry was totally based on trendline :-) See, 140 pips banked to my account.. closed half, and the balance will be move to breakeven price.


  1. rambo says

    memang teknik kampung tu guna trendline plus fibbo plus EW….cuma tak tau specific stop loss n target profit dia plus some criteria 6when to open order plus what to do when false entry…kalau la ada yg boleh ajar tentu dah jimat rm5,000

  2. says

    teknik kampung tu teknik trendline je bang. banyak ada di internet ni, di blgo ni pun ada beberapa kali saya tulis pasal trendline.

  3. fore romantik says

    everyone know about Trendline but nobody know how good he is using TL….it’s very clear u guys have no idea or very little bout that…

  4. says

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