Ron 95 increased by 5 cent


I don’t know either it is correct or not, but there is a rumor said that Ron 95’s price will be increased by tonight at 12.00 am, because government want to standardized the subsidies.

Not a good rumor to us. I am not a user of Ron 95, but I uses Ron 97 which has been increased to RM2.30 on last a few days. Aiseh..hampeh betul kan? They give civil servant bonuses then they increase the price. :-(


If this rumor is true, then I believe all other prices of consumer product will also increase as well. Increment in Ron 97’s price in my opinion not give a big impact for consumer product, but the effect of Ron 95 new price will bring other product’s price increase as well.

Subsidies is given for some other products, such as sugar and gas.. which if this rumor is correct then sugar and gas price will also increase.

PS: Is this is a Christmas gift for you, Malaysians? Hahaha TAKBIRRR!

Update: New price

* Petrol RON 95 – RM1.85 to RM1.90 per litre

Diesel – RM1.75 to RM1.80 per litre

Sugar – RM1.90 to RM2.10 litre

Gas LPG – RM1.85 to RM1.90 litre

Then, this is time make some money..



  1. Mohamad says

    sy masih igt lagi kenyataan bila ada ura-ura mengatakan harga minyak akan naik tidak silap saya tgh tahun yg lalu, dato’ sri ismail sabri yaacob menyatakan kepada rakyat supaya bertenang kerana tidak akan ada kenaikan harga minyak sehingga 31 disember 2010 ini.

    tapi, harga minyak masih naik. agaknya kata-kata dan janji-janji menteri kita pada hari ini tidak boleh dipercayai.

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