Ron 97 increase RM 0.10


UPDATE: 1/4/2011: RON97 INCREASED BY RM 0.20

As reported by Malaysiakini, our Ron97 will be increased tonight. Increase by RM0.10 so then the new price will be RM2.40 per litre.

Ron 95 price will remains unchanged.

The increment is only for Ron 97 because Ron 97 price is fluctuate based on the world oil price, no subsidy like Ron 95.


Something I wonder.. oil price is going down.. but our Ron 97 increase. Hesh.. Below is the latest chart for oil price.

PS: There was a rumor during the new year.. and the rumor is confirmed by Malaysiakini today. Anyway.. happy new year Malaysia.

PPS: During Pak Lah, when he increased Ron 97 to RM2.70 per litre…the world oil price during that time high was USD145. But today, when Najib incrased to RM2.40.. oil per barrel is less than USD100. The difference is quite high lah kan.

PPS: Gold price going down

PS: Image by Nik Hasyudeen

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