Western Union at Pos Malaysia. Sucks.


I went to Pos Malaysia to withdraw my Google Adsense earning, coz I know Pos Malaysia provides Western Union services. That was the first time I tried to withdraw my Adsense earning via Pos Malaysia, usually I uses CIMB for that purpose.

At the counter, the staff requested 2 copy of identity card (before I went to Pos Malaysia, I read on the website they did not mention that we have to provide two photostat IC… so as a layman I assume they only need a copy. Its okay if she can tell me politely.. but the staff were not so polite. So then I have to find photostat shop.

Instruction to withdraw money, snapped from Pos Malaysia website

Even more, on the form already stated that “please attach a copy of identification card”.

When I asked the staff, “why two?” She replied..”this is our new rule lah”. Then I ask her “could you copy to me?”. I already expect her stupid answer..”we can not do it, the machine is only for office purpose”.

Dear Pos Malaysia management, did you know that by asking customer to find a photostat shop will make your customer go to your competitors? Why can’t you photostat our identity card in your office and we can pay you for the photostat cost? Better than let us start our car, and drive around to find a photostat machine. You have the photostat machine lah…please do it for me, and I will pay you. I am not talking about 20 sen cost to copy the IC, but I am talking about being friendly with customer.

Rather than I drive around to find a photostat shop then back to not so polite staff at Pos Malaysia, better for me to visit CIMB. Yes, I went to my regular place for Western Union withdrawal. No need to photostat the IC because CIMB staff will do it in their office. Wait for them to process the form, get the money, and the CIMB staff said.. “thank you”, with a smile on her face.

See.. I will never go to Pos Malaysia for Western Union purpose anymore. What more can I say? Pos Malaysia is damn so sucks!

It is only about 20 cent business or two piece of  paper, but the result is I write this post in this blog. This blog have +30000 monthly visitors.




  1. says

    saya buat ‘to send money via WU’ kat Agrobank je…fotostat IC teller tu yg fotostat…kesian kat awak…staf2 Agrobank baik2…hehe

    memang betul.nak selamat pakai WU je…

  2. says

    Agree with you. POS malaysia always provide the worst service although it’s non government agency. We see a great improvement for TM but why POS malaysia still remain the same worse service? hmm …

  3. jct says

    Memang betul….. POS M’sia dan banyak juga service sector-sector ada staffs that sucks….. tak guna common sens…. Zzzzz lah. mungkin sebab tu, mereka masih kerja counter depan at public expense/fuming! :(

  4. says

    biasa la tu,pos malaysia ni kebanyakkan staff pun vateran dah.. aku pun ada join adsense ni,tapi lambat benar la pendapatan,setakat ni baru ada us50 je..

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