Where to sell your simple skill on internet?


What are you willing to do for USD 5?

What service can you sell at the price at USD 5?

Where to sell it?

In this post I will share with you a place where you can sell your simple skills at USD 5. Just before I begin, I would like to tell you, I already in this kind of business for about 7 months, and alhamdulillah I am able to sell my simple skill at that “marketplace”. For sure, it is very difficult to be a millionaire with USD 5 per service. But this is not a scam. You sell your skills. No need to find downline.

In this post, I don’t have any financial interest (no affiliate links, no partners link). This is totally to share with my readers, especially for those who are currently unemployed. This is far better than you join MLM, Royaltyfx, Fibonacs2u, etc.. Here, you can be a businessman. Perhaps, it can be a starting point for those who want to start an internet business.

The marketplace is called Fiverr.

Fiverr is the place for people to share (sell) things they are willing to do for USD 5. Simple isn’t?

I will give a great example. See the snapshot below. EDZN will design banner ads that convert for USD5, and he make at least 88 sales within 27 days.

1 sales worth USD 5.

So, USD 5 x 88 = USD440.

Converted to Ringgit Malaysia (assume USDMYR=3.04) equal to approximately RM1337.60 sales.

Fine, lets have a look at another example. Nogalicious “will tell you how I got 3265 Facebook friends for USD5“.

Sound stupid, but still she make at least 11 sales within 7 months.

11 sales x USD5 = USD55.

Converted to Ringgit Malaysia, equal to approximately RM167.20 sales.

Still some money isn’t?

At Fiverr, or any other business. Some cost may apply. Nothing is free. From USD5, USD1 will be deducted for fee paid for Fiverr. Yeah, it is fine, because we use their platform, marketing etc. Nothing is free in the world. So, for each sale you make, your cost is USD1. So your profit will be USD4 per service.

If you are still not interested to start your small business on Fiverr. I will show you my account at Fiverr since I joined Fiverr few times ago. Not that much, not even can be a millionaire with Fiverr. Because this is only a small online business.


So, if you want to start your own small business on Fiverr. Just take some times to think… “what are you willing to do for US5″. Don’t sell something difficult or out of your capacity. Sell something that it is worth at USD5.

An earning can be withdrawn after 15 days you delivered your work. As you can see, I already withdrawn USD324, have USD36 available to withdraw, and USD40 awaiting to be cleared and USD16 for jobs not yet completed. The total is USD416.

How to cashout your earning?

You must have a PayPal account. Withdrawal to your PayPal account, and from PayPal, you can transfer to your local banks such as Maybank, CIMB, or Bank Islam.


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