It has been two week. Did you receive your money from


It has been two week. Did you receive your money from If yes, you are very lucky. If not… I don’t know what to say. Two weeks. What can they do within two weeks?

Bring all your money then go to Mauritius? Indonesia? Thailand?

Two weeks is a very long time.. hmmm.. Scammer is always a scammer.

If they did not refund your money, go to the police now!

If you want to trade forex.. just come and see me. I can teach you on how to trade forex. But something I can’t guarantee. I can’t guarantee you a profit (only scammer can guarantee you a profit 😉 ). I already in forex since 2008.. and until now. My trading is okay to support my life. If you are willing to learn, come to Kota Bharu. Let’s meet face to face and maybe I can help you. Fee? No fees. But my time is so worthy. Just pay for my time, and just contact me ONLY IF you are really willing to be a trader.

Oh yeah.. this is another Royaltyfx. Don’t ever give your money for them. Same with Royaltyfx… I believe it is another scammer.



  1. says

    Same like me..until now i didnt recieve any money from
    so what the solution for this matter..just leave it or need take some action for them..

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