Securities Commission declared KUASAFOREX.COM as SCAM

The truth has a tongue! One of my fellow traders did mentioned to me that Securities Commission declared that as a SCAM! Wah, BIG scammer! So many scammer nowadays, not enough with… today the most famous “trader” in Malaysia is said as SCAM! Tiaaaaan ko Nasir…hahahak

Ask any traders, who don’t Nasir Kuasa Forex? Come on omomomom 😛

Kuala Lumpur, 14 February 2011

SC warns the public on unauthorized and misleading use of its logo and name

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today urged members of the public to be wary of unauthorized and misleading use of the SC logo and name for the endorsement of promotional websites, investment products or programmes.

It has come to the SC’s attention that has been using our corporate identity on their website to promote products and services related to the trading of foreign currencies (forex). The SC would like to alert the public that we are in no way associated with this website or its promoters and do not in any way endorse its activities.


The SC has included the website on our Investor Alert list and we will take appropriate action in relation to the unauthorized and misleading use of our name.

Scams can come in the guise of seemingly attractive investment opportunities or schemes offered online. They may also be camouflaged as learning and training programmes. These schemes sometimes fraudulently claim the endorsement or approval of regulators. The public are reminded that the SC does not endorse any promotional websites or investment products and programmes. The list of companies and individuals licensed by the SC to carry out investment activities, including providing investment advice, can be found here.



  1. nasir yaakob says

    uitt. ko org ngumpat aq ke? tak senonoh betul.. aq kaya sebab hasil rm 5 ribu kursus lah. dari duit tu aq beli bmw, beli mercedez beli bungalow.. lepas tu aq promote jd modal marketing utk tarik org belajar dengan aq. walhal ebook aq tu boleh ambil bersepah kt google. pasal indicator kuasa forex tu, aq godek2 aq ubah nama je, kalau kt johor panggil ikan haruan, kt pahang panggil toman. kih3..

    pandai tak aq? nk jd jutawan kena bijak beb.. kesian lah sape belajar aq bayar rm 5k.. org lain belajar free dh jd jutawan dh..

  2. Pengetua SuruhanJaya Sekuriti Malaysia says

    hey tambi nasir, u tipu itu orang ramai janjikan satu hari rm10k apa cerita? u fikir u bank negara apa mau bg profit rm 10k sehari? itu along berniaga kutip hutang pun ada loss, profit n marginal cost..

    nnti i suruh i punya anak buah. kasi panggil LHDN BNM POLIS kasi siasat sama u..

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