My Streamyx is damn slow, Happy Internet well performed


I am not sure what is the problem with my Streamyx. I did called 100 two times per day, the technician came to my house every two days. But everything still the same.

Resetting the modem, change the ADSL Splitter, reconfigure the IP address and so on and so forth. Even change to a new modem from Innocomm W3400V to an new modem, DLINK. But still doesn’t help. A bit blurr and don’t know what to do. So then I am looking for an alternative. The technician who came to my house said everything is ok.

But why I think it is not ok?

What make it worsen is, I can’t get connected to my Metatrader trading platform by using Streamyx which I think it is because of its super slow internet connection. It is loading loading loading and loading. Well.. can you see my Asus UL80VT connected to local area network (LAN) and the Streamyx modem is on my SOHO? Looks stupid, ain’t? But still can’t get connected to internet.

After about 4 days struggled with Streamyx, then today I went to KB Mall, bought myself a Digi Internet Prepaid and Happy Prepaid. Just want to try it. Actually I bought Happy Prepaid because of its nice number, but then I noticed that Happy Prepaid comes with RM2/day internet 3G, up to 100mb per day. The speed is great and this post is published from Happy Prepaid.


Happy download speed is 2.36 mbps and download 1.34 mbps, tested at I am not sure either it is able to maintain at that speed or not..but hope the speed will be maintain. Fast but Happy Internet is limited to 100mb per day.

See my prepaid phone number from Happy? 60109031110. It is awesome, right? :-)

Update: Problem settled after reset the port at TM Net



  1. JKJ says

    As a foreigner, the following two worst thing in Malaysia make me leave this country forever.

    1. obdurate Malaysian custom:
    confiscating everything about WIFI and Wireless device.
    By this, all industries and Malaysians are kept stupid towards IT industry.

    2. slow internet + very pricey in the bill:
    It almost goes with 1 Mbps and RM100 per month.
    Compare this with other countries having speed of 100 Mbps and RM30 per a month! And these country is much richer, saying 3-7 times than Malaysia, but people enjoy cheapest internet.

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