Digi Smart Plan Promotion


I noticed that Digi is now having promotion for its Digi Smart Plan. Sounds great, and I am interested with this plan. Interested only, not yet want to buy any :-)

Just wanna share with you, Digi Smart Plan promotion until 31 March 2011.

Waaah! RM23/month!!

Wait. Not RM23 per month for all the month you use. But it is only for the first six month. The normal rate is RM68 per month, so you save RM40x6 = RM240 by subscribing to this plan. A little bit more saving, RM5 per month discount if you choose auto billing.


For 24 months contract, you can buy any of these phone with great saving. I am interested with HTC Desire… almost all of my friends recommend HTC Desire. :-)

Things you dont know about INSPIRA!

Something catch my eyes from the above picture, 100% rebate! What is 100% rebate from Digi Smart Plan?

Well.. it is a rebate given to you if your using for that particular month is exceeding RM200, so your RM68 will be discounted. In a simple word, if you expense RM268 per month..then you will only have to pay RM200.

What if, if you spend less than less than RM200 or RM199 and below? Still you will received rebate from Digi. The rebate is 25% of your total bill usage.

Sounds great, isn’t?



  1. Rosdy Ismail says

    Please send me voucher digi smart plan..i want know how to buy digi smart plan

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