Airasia crash is a HOAX


I wonder how it could happened, and why he did it. AirAsia said it is a rumor which I believe it is a rumor.

The rumor spread very fast on Twitter, and AirAsia react, giving respond and asked twitterers to remove that malicious tweet. Wanna see how AirAsia reacted?


Err…Will AirAsia respond to everyone on Twitter? LOL!

AirAsia said the rumor started by Wongyujin.

But if I am not mistaken, there is another stupid tweet earlier, retweet from @shazwanihamid, said that AirAsia plane crashed at KLIA.

From the above tweet, there a link for more news and pics:

See.. those who start the tweet is really stupid!

Either one who start the rumor, get ready for legal action that will be taken by AirAsia.



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