Berita Harian and its team should be boycotted


Yes, some Malaysians are stupid (not all). Even educated enough, but sometime they are stupid. Really stupid. Making fun for a really big disaster, where all people around the world are in worry.

We should stop apologizing for the this super stupid actions done by educated people. Sure they will do it again in the future, then will apologize again?

Why don’t Mior Kamarul Shahid take a few minutes to think before he approve that cartoon to be published?

Boycott. Stop your ads on Berita Harian, stop buying Berita Harian and let others take note.

As a Malaysian, I felt so embarrased with such an inhumane act from our newspaper, so embrassed that we have a stupid editor and stupid cartoonist named Zoy. What a shame!

I wonder how could the editor approved this stupid cartoon. Want to be a famous cartoonist by being featured at CNN iReport? Want to market your brand internationally?

Oh yeah, they are a stupid team, working together as a good team in Berita Harian. Damn!



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