Maxis introduced HOME BROADBAND


Do you know about Maxis Home Broadband? Maxis Home Broadband using the power of high speeds with the latest Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology. FTTH uses new fiber optic cable networks that allow for faster and more consistent Internet connections. More or less, it is quite similar to Unifi.


With High Speed Internet (FTTH) we can:
WiFi whole house to download, upload, chat and play all at once with multiple devices.

  • Benefit from faster music and movie downloads
  • Stream HD movies and videos uninterrupted with fast loading speeds.
  • Share your photos and videos online in a flash.
  • Experience high quality voice and video conferencing with colleagues, family and friends from all over the world.

It comes with three package which we can choose the one that suite our needs. Either Standard Package, Value Package or Advanced Package.

24 months contract is applicable for all three plan, and RM200 one time installation fees. Well.. Maxis Home Broadband looks interesting lah. Starting price is only RM128. Maybe a good alternative for Unifi.

But not yet available in Kota Bharu. :-(



  1. SoSoS says

    Yeap.. it looks fine to me as this Maxis Broadband and it’s using unifi network as its backbone. Its all HSBB and for sure it wouldn’t be available in KayBee..

  2. says

    ya ya..for the moment not available here hehehe but i am not enjoying my 1mb streamyx. i think this is enough for me :-)

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