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I believe that most of us are aware that Bank Rakyat received approval from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to increase its share capital by RM1bil more to RM3bil.

Ha.. If you get your part, that will be good. But if not, still not that late.

I went to Bank Rakyat early this morning.. and pay RM525 to have it because I apply to be a new member, it comprises of RM500 for the shares, RM5 for processing fee and RM20 to open an account at Bank Rakyat. And also fill in a waiting list form to apply for additional shares (if available lah).

So how to buy it?

Before you go to the nearest Bank Rakyat branch,


  • make sure you bring together 2 copies of identification card.
  • RM525. 00 in your pocket
  • you are not a bankrupt
  • aged 18 and above

And please.. go earlier. So many people are interested to be Bank Rakyat members! If you are not able to get the form from Bank Rakyat, find someone who have a clear form and ask their help to photocopy the form! Bank Rakyat accept it also!

saham bank rakyat

For a new applicant like me, we can only apply for RM500. If Bank Rakyat can maintain its return at 15% as usual, then we will get RM75 per dividend period. Not that much. If you want to get more, buy more. Fill in the waiting list form, if they call you.. then you can buy at a maximum of RM100,000! Then you may get RM15,000 return for every time they announce their dividend. I hope, they will call me!




    Dear Sir/Mdm,
    I would like to know, when can I know about the approval of the Bank Rakyat share open under waiting list.

    The dividend return was really good for the past many years.

    I really want to invest RM100K upon approval.

    Maznah Mat Hussin.

  2. says

    hari tu dapat lah tambah RM500, jadi ada lah RM1000 .. 15% setahun dapatlah dividen tu. Dah isi borang book juga.

  3. NORA ABDAN says

    I believe that most of us are waiting for Bonus Bank Rakyat ? When Bank Rakyat will announce their Bonus and dividen for
    this year ?

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