IMF Computer System Hacked

Uhhh! Very surprising me when I read Bloomberg just now. IMF Computer System has been hacked! What a great hacker is there! He is doing a great job! I am not saying that I’m supporting what he is doing, but just to say that he is a successful hacker! Don’t you think hacking an IMF Computer System is easy? I don’t this so.

Below is the extract from Bloomberg:

The International Monetary Fund’s computer system was targeted by hackers, believed to be connected to a foreign government, who retrieved e-mails and other documents, according to a person familiar with the attack. The incident occurred before former Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for sexual assault on May 14, according to the person, a security expert who couldn’t be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the subject. He didn’t say which government is thought to be behind the intrusion, which he said involved the removal of a “large quantity” of data

You can read more at Bloomberg here

By the way, in last month Sony has been hacked and million of us received a survey which giving us a camera, in last week Citibank also has been hacked. Now, we got IMF Computer System as a headline. Oh, I forget to mentioned that Uitm Sabah and Uitm Kedah’s website also hacked..So what’s next?

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