Tip Beli Rumah Lelong – Cara Suruh Penyewa atau Penghuni Keluar

Sekarang seolah ada satu trend baru dikalangan mereka yang terlibat dalam rumah sewa. Saya lihat agak ramai juga dikalangan kita yang beli rumah lelong dan sewakan kepada orang lain. Bukan duduk sendiri pun. Yang menjadi masalah bila penghuni lama tak nak berpindah. Lagi teruk, kalau dapat penghuni jahat dan keras kepala, pandai melawan dan maki […]

List your room at Caribilik.com

room to rent malaysia singapore

I know, this blog is quite ok with “room to rent” keyword because I did posted a few times about my room to rent. Yes, at this moment I manages more than 10 properties which are belong to my parents. 4 of that properties are for homestay in Kota Bharu, the rest for room to […]

33 tips for your hotel’s social media marketing

[ad#328-x-300-adsense-text] Established by a knowledgable industry panel during the recent Southern Lodging Summit in Memphis, here is 33 tips for your hotel’s social media marketing. Hope this will help us to develop an effective social media platform for our accommodation services. Treat it like a party. Your team should have fun while conversing with your […]

Property Investment in a new decade by Azizi Ali

Credited from StarProperty [ad#328-x-300-adsense-image] The times have been good for property investors in the past couple of years. Prices in certain areas, particularly in selected areas of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya have risen significantly, some as high as 50 percent. And as a result of this rise, practically all property investors had made money. […]

List your business at MyStartGuide

If you have business related to tourism industry, MyStartGuide.com is one of the website where you can ask to place a backlink to your website. There are two type of advertisement you can place on MyStartGuide, that is free and paid ads. Johan Schoonen have a special offer for LinkendIn members (you can add Johan Schoonen […]

Apartment for rent in Kota Bharu

[ad#328-x-300-adsense-text] [ad#328-x-300-adsense-image] Located at 10th floor, Pelangi Mall Kota Bharu. Three bedroom house Two toilet. Fully furnished. Master bedroom equipped with air conditioner and the apartment Secured by 24 hours security. Astro and refrigerator provided. One free parking for tenant, swimming pool and gymnasium also available with no additional charge. To be rented for Muslim family only. Rate […]